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How many gallons per day is C-44 dumping in to the St. Lucie River?


1. Look in the table below for "S80 #### CFS", which is the spillway at the St. Lucie Locks.   The number is in cubic feet per second (cfs). 

2. Enter that number in the calculator below to convert cfs into gallons and Olympic-size swimming pools per day!


S-80 discharge: Enter in cubic feet per second -->


This equals   gallons per second

               or    gallons per day

               or    Olympic-size* swimming pools per day

               or    Acre Feet per day

This is enough to cover the Stuart peninsula north of Monterey Rd** with inches of water in one day.


*Olympic Size Swimming Pool = 660,000 gal  **Stuart peninsula north of Monterey Rd. = 3.74 sq mi, (click for map)

Realtime Data from U.S. Corps of Engineerss