This is an experimental product, which is an effort to more easily visualize publicaly available water quality data for the Lake Okeechobee Watershed Regions.e. In the furture additional maps are inticipated for:

- different time periods (e.g. 5-year average, latest measurement). The current maps are Water Year 2019

- different watersheds (St. Lucie River, Caloosahatchee River).

The underlying watershed borders are derived from the SFWMD AHED Watersheds Map (10/4/2019), which contains more subwatersheds than the rows of the data table. The data table is based on Table 8B in the 2019 South Florida Environmental Report. Thus, were muliple subwatersheds are assigned to one row in Table 8B, they all will be assigned the same color on the map. For example, the entire Upper Kissimmee Subwatershed is assigned one color on the map even though the map contains the borders of the 25 subasins that comprise the Upper Kissimmee Subwatershed.

Several basins on the map also flow to another waterbody. Thus, the unit area load will be underestimated.