Lake Okeechobee Satellite Imagery and Data


Processed daily from https://coastalscience.noaa.gov/

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Live Data

Live data feeds from South Florida Water Management District, Army Corps of Engineers and Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection

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Seagrasses at Sailfish Flats

Sentinel 2 and Martin County GIS Imagery

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Landsat 7, 8 Sentinel

Updated periodically when algae is visible

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Measurements of Lake O Algae Blooms

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Calculators and Tools

Convert cfs to gallons, acre feet, Stuart inches, lake inches.
Convert acre feet to gallons, lake feet, etc

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Water Quality Maps

(Under Construction/Experimental)

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Martin County Chlorophyll_a

From the Terra Satellite
With daily S-80 dicharge data from SFWMD

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Florida Chlorophyll_a

From the Terra Satellite

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Hurricane Matthew

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